AIDA Europe was established in 2007 as a non-profit organisation and takes the form of an association according to Swiss Law, with its seat in Zurich/Switzerland. Its aim is to draw more effectively on the combined resources of AIDA's members within Europe to further, across the region, the promotion, in the public interest, either directly or through its members, the development of insurance and related law and to advance more specific initiatives deemed complementary to these.

AIDA Europe’s Scientific Committee sets the academic agenda for AIDA Europe with a particular focus upon supporting the development of young academic talents by sponsoring and by inviting young academics and professionals to its conferences (see Young AIDA and Young AIDA Europe).

Eligibility for membership of AIDA Europe is currently confined to those European National Sections which are members of AIDA and any European ARIAS entities which are centrally affiliated to AIDA and in each case situated in Europe, or to any other AIDA National Sections, not otherwise forming part of any other regional grouping of AIDA, which conform with the aims of AIDA and which have an interest in collaboration at such a regional level.

There are presently 26 AIDA National Section members of AIDA Europe, (see below “MEMBERS OF AIDA EUROPE”), plus 3 centrally affiliated ARIAS societies (ARIAS Germany, ARIAS (UK) and CEFAREA – ARIAS France).

AIDA Europe attempts to achieve its aims, in the interest of all stakeholders, mainly through an evolving mix of the

  • furtherance of the study and knowledge of international and national insurance law and of related matters as well as;
  • proposition of measures aiming at the harmonisation of insurance law or the means for resolution of insurance disputes;.
  • facilitation of exchange of academic knowhow between its Members or any other European organization dealing with insurance-related matters, similar to those of AIDA Europe; and the
  • support of academic work in the field of insurance, e.g. through cooperation with universities or the sponsoring of academic research and papers.

AIDA Europe’s Conferences offer a platform for an open and solution minded dialogue on key developments in insurance, reinsurance and related law, also supporting its members in their respective endeavours. They are open to all stakeholders and are indeed attracting representatives from all areas such as the insurance sector, academia, private practice, regulatory authorities or those responsible for law making.

The inaugural conference of AIDA Europe was held in Hamburg in May 2008. Documentation of past conferences can be found on this link. The most recent conference has taken place in Warsaw on 12 & 13 April 2018. To access all documentation of that conference please click here.

AIDA Europe Conferences represent a unique platform as they are also combined with the working meetings of the AIDA International Working Parties.