Climate & Catastrophic Events Working Party Meeting

15.15 - 17.15

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Windsor Convention & Expo Center

The eighteenth meeting of the CCEWP took place between 15:15 hrs and 17:15 hrs on Saturday 13 October 2018 at the Windsor Convention & Expo Center in Rio de Janeiro during the XV AIDA World Congress (11-13 October 2018).

The theme of the meeting chaired by Tim Hardy (UK) was: "Touching the Void? The role of resilience, reinsurance, technology and survival strategies in the face of Climate Change and catastrophe".

Among the speakers and contributors were:

Tim Hardy (UK) - Legal Issues for Protection Gap Entities and Catastrophic Risk

Gloria Faria (Brazil) - The aftermath of the Fundao Dam disaster in Mariana and Future Mandatory Environment Insurance in Brazil

Pery Saraiva Neto (Brazil) - Individual Damage and its Mass Projection: First Party Mandatory Environmental Insurance as a Tool for Resilience

Chris Rodd (Australia) - What's Happening in the World's Second Driest Continent?

Materials presented at the meeting, included a presentation and notes by Rich Traub (US) upon Climate Change Litigation Insurance Implications.

Also a Report prepared by Maria Kavanagh (Argentina) and the MERCOSUR Group - Pollution in the Mercosur Region


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