Climate and Catastrophic Events Working Party Meeting/Plenary Session

09.30 - 13.00

Marrakesh, Morocco

Savoy Hotel

The nineteenth meeting of the CCEWP served to contribute the plenary session of the Conference on the topic of "Catastrophic Events & Insurance".

Tim Hardy (UK) introduced the session with a presentation upon Catastrophic Events, Insurance, Climate Change and Insurability from an international perspective

Mr Bachir Baddhou (Morocco), Director General of the Moroccan Insurance & Reinsurance Federation (FMSAR), spoke on Moroccan plans for compulsory coverage for catastrophic events.

Rich Traub (US) provided a Climate Change Update - Climate change litigation in the U.S.

Chris Rodd (Australia) made a presentation upon The insurance ramifications of Climate Change in Australia

A Report prepared by Maria Kavanagh (Argentina) and the MERCOSUR Group was also prepared and introduced to the session, addressing the particular challenges faced in the region of South America including the impact of major drought in Argentina and elsewhere in the worlds of agriculture and insurance and the continuing problems of environmental destruction in the wake of the Mina Gerais landslide in Brazil and other recent catastrophic events there. English - Spanish

Further presentations were delivered by:

Peggy Sharon (Israel) upon Israeli provision for agricultural natural hazard losses


Jerome Kullmann (France) upon Compulsory Insurance for natural disasters introduced in France


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